Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Outdoor Week

Hello Super Seventeens,
Welcome back from Outdoor Week 2010. What a fantastic time we have all had, I have really enjoyed getting to know you all better.

I know that you have been practising using a blog with Mrs Robson, so here is your chance to put what you have learnt to good use.

Please write a blog entry that includes your favourite moment during Outdoor Week, your funniest moment and also the most challenging activity or event.

Click where it says 'comments' to add your blog entry.
Mrs E


  1. dexter blabla
    my favourite
    activity was stackem,my most challanging activity was body bourding

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  3. At merc I did body boarding and
    I could'nt catch any waves so I put my board on the sand and did some back flips in the water with my Dad by Add

  4. From Blueys Clueys
    To Super Seventeens

    Hi People

    My favorite activity was body boarding.My most difficiut activity was abseiling,and the most BORING activity is... slingshot.

  5. my favourite activity was abseiling and stacke`m the funniest moment was when we had to kiss the water. squidley squid squid squid squid.

  6. i love stack'em but not abseil it is to scary the most funest thing is raft bilding by kristin

  7. My favourite activity was stackem By Mackenzie

  8. My favourite thing at MERC was stack em. I got up to number 11. My most challenging event was kayaking. My funniest thing was when I fell off the raft. Case

  9. Mystery
    No comments...
    the best part was mmm... KAYAKING!
    So the funniest part hmm... Jokes (obviousily).

  10. mateo said...

    merc is the best place ever you shud go there now it is so wiced. tthe best activity was abseil and sslig shot i allwas got 50 points

  11. cameron said my favourite activity at MERC was stackem

  12. Juri says
    I injoyed going to MERC and doing kayaking also stack'em.The next thing I enjoyed was going to the waitakery ranges and going on the tram at the rain forest express.I loved that time when we went on the water slide and all those ather classes and do lots of different stuff like dancing,balancing a ball and parashoot

  13. Sez says to be a good table you need to read when it is SSR

  14. from Super Blueys Clueys
    to Super Seventeens

    hi pepole

    sligshot is the best ever but so is M.E.R.C and staying there.

  15. to be Quiet and not to talk.Do what we are talled to do.DOUN'T LIE.

    by kristin.

  16. SUP DUDES,

    My funniest thing at outdoor week was when I kept on falling off the raft that we built my most favorite thing was when we got hot chocolate with marshmallows my most challenging thing was body boarding because I couldn't stay on my board


  17. Hi

    To BLUE BIKKU for playing eye spy on the bus