Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terrific Table of the Week & Super Star of the Week

Hello Super Seventeens,
we have decided to vote for a Terrific Table of the week and a Super Star of the week. Each table has now chosen a name. Now we need to decide what things the Terrific Table needs to do to get voted for. For example, we might like to vote for the table that is the best at being on task, this means they are working and not talking.

In your blog comment write three ideas that you think would make a Terrific Table (hint - this needs to be about learning and behaviour in class)

We will use the ideas to make a list of Table Goals.

Happy Blogging - Mrs E


  1. Hi Super Seventeens I know its really hard to choose but this table is always working quietly,doing things they should be doing and they are doing SSR or F or W when they should be doing and that table is...


    From Alex

  2. Mystery
    last comment yay... (not really)
    So do what ya told to do or else PUNISHMENT!!.
    And good behavour some awesome learning as well...

  3. supercrab(dexter)

    read quietly when we are doing SSR

  4. Case said

    To be a good table you will need to do things straight away and watch there self because of the behavior so they do not get in to trouble and be good when the teacher is talking and read a book when it is SSR so that is what I think agood table should do.

  5. blabla

    do what the teacher told you straight away

  6. Clam Girl says to be a good table member you need to do your work when you are told to do it.

  7. I think thet we should listin to the teacher,
    and to help each other when they need it,
    and to read silently when its SSR.
    We should also only talk when it is our tern to talk.
    I also think that we should treat each other how we want them to treat ourselves and that we should stay on task. From cool girl.

  8. Clasher says,

    to be the best table you shoud not talk when you are atculay spoutea be reading and durig dushuins terrific tables do not argue or PUNSHMEINT MAGOR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mytsery
    last comment Yay...(not really)
    To be tabel of the week your tabel has to not talk when your tabel isn't supposed to talk.

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  11. you need to be silent at the times to be silent and on task you should be tidy
    ideas posted by Merryn Smith

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  13. Mrs E said, Remember to put 3 ideas about what makes a Terrific Table in your blog comment. Happy Blogging

  14. Mrs E says, I have deleted some comments that don't have any ideas in them!
    Happy Blogging

  15. Case said...

    don't tell the teacher what to do

  16. sez said to be a good table you have to be silent when it is ssr

  17. Case and Ky said...

    do your duty
    all the TIME

  18. sez said to be a good table you have to sit on the mat when it is mat time

  19. Pin-a-pie
    so obey the list up here
    if you know what I mean

  20. bikku said....
    do what your techer ask to do straight

  21. Case said...

    do your home work