Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here are your Moon Buggies - you are so clever

Moon Buggies in Room 17 on PhotoPeach


  1. I like the moon bugeys that some people did it was very cool looking at them in the slide show i was there in the slide show to in the hot glue gun bit.

  2. I liked to make the moon buggies, I thought that it was actually a good idea to make these even though we had lots of probloms but we solved them. I wish we can make some toys next term as it is our topic next term. In the slideshow it refreshed my memory of the moon buggies and I was in the slideshow as well!

  3. Will I liked making the moon rover too! It was fun using the hot-glue gun. I liked watching the moon rover slideshow because I was in the slideshow too!