Monday, September 6, 2010

Visit from Star-Lab

Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoyed your visit from Star-Lab today as much as I did. From our conversations today I know that you found out lots of new things. Add a post to our blog that tells everyone something that your found out.

You can also send your name to mars by using the following link.

Here is a copy of my certificate
Mrs E


  1. I learnt that stars can be blue red and also yellow.There are constellations of the Southern Cross and a scorpian. that mars is red uranus is blue and satune has rings. pluto is a dwarf planet and is not a planet any more. Jupiter has the most moons in space and there is no air in space and space is black because there is no air. the sun is really hot. thereare black holes in spaces there are so so so so many stars in space.


  2. I learnt that stars can make all kind of different constellations and that you can see some different planets.


  3. I learnt that Jupiter has 62 moons and some of the moons have volcanos.


  4. I learnt that Jupiter has a great red spot and Saturn's rings are so light that if you drop on it you would fall onto the other side of it

  5. At Starlab I learnt that stars are different colours and that the Sun's sunspots are the same size as Earth!!!